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Using Air Microphone

Using Air Microphone really is a straight forward process. However, just as with any technical device that is able to do a lot of different things (which is definitely the case with an iPhone) a few things have to be kept in mind.

  1. First of all, make sure that no other application is using the microphone.
    The iPhone simply can’t use the microphone for 2 different applications at the same time. As simple as it sounds, it sometimes becomes forgotten rather quickly. But try to imagine making a phone call while using Air Microphone, using the same microphone for the call and for the presentation at the same time. That doesn’t make sense, right?
  2. Allow Air Mic to access the microphone of your device.
    As much as we tend to say “No” when a device asks for permission to do whatever it wants, in this case it is needed. The microphone is what it is all about, after all.

    Air Microphone Help 1

  3. Before assigning which microphone you are going to use, assign the output.
    You can do that with a simple swipe from bottom up.

    Air Microphone Help 2

  4. As the last step, assign the microphone input.
    Wether it is bluetooth HFP, the internal microphone, a hardwired microphone, do this after the steps described above are done.

    Air Microphone Help 3


Air Microphone shold now be up and running, ready to use.

If you stumbled here by accident, click here to see Air Microphone in the App Store. The page will open directly in iTunes or in a new window.

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