Bodyguard – How to Setup and Use

How to setup and use the Bodyguard App

When you open the Bodyguard App, you’ll see 3 buttons on top of the screen and one slider at the bottom of the screen.

Note: The top bar of the screen will change from white to black once you setup Bodyguard. Button (2) will then be visible.

Bodyguard Help Screen 1

  1. Switch between back and front camera
  2. Start Bodyguard. This actually reads “Activate” here, but it is not very well visible until you adjusted basic settings.
  3. Settings for Bodyguard


To unleash the full potential of Bodyguard, go carefully through the settings.

From top to bottom you have the following options:

Bodyguard Help Screen 2

  1. Enter your e-mail address. This is where Bodyguard sends the pictures it takes as soon as something is moving in its range of detection.
  2. Send email. Toggle this to “On” if you want to receive emails in case of a detected motion.
  3. Make Alarm Sound. Toggle this to “On” for an audible alarm in case of detected movement.
  4. Start Delay. Length of the countdown before Bodyguard is active. The countdown always starts at 10, but varies in length according to your settings.
  5. Timedelay to send image. How long after detection the image will be sent to your email after detected motion.
  6. Turn on Backlight. Toggle to “On” for flashlight upon detected motion.
  7. EMAIL when Power lost. When your device is connected to a charging adapter (or a USB port), an email will be sent when the power on this connection is lost.
  8. High resolution pic. Better resolution of the image taken, but more bandwidth when sent to e-mail.
  9. Don’t send pic. Toggle to “On” when the email should only contain a notification without the actual picture.


For news, scroll down this screen.

Bodyguard Help Screen 3

Here you can:

  • Follow our twitter feed
  • Like us on facebook
  • Send an e-mail to tell how much you like the Bodyguard app
  • Send a SMS to tell your friends how cool the Bodyguard app is
  • Check out more apps from B-Eng.
  • Tap the bomb to let us know immediately when Bodyguard is causing troubles


Once you completed the setup, tap on dismiss, adjust the sensitivity with the slider at the bottom of the screen and activate Bodyguard by tapping on activate.

Bodyguard Help Screen 1


If you don’t know the Bodyguard app, check it out in the App Store:
Bodyguard – Motion Detection

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