Change CPU-Speed

To change the CPU speed faster or lower add following line to the file “DOSPAD.CFG” in the [CPU] section: cycle=10000 For example a value greater then 3000 makes it faster, a lower one slower. The File can look then like this: [dosbox] memsize=16 [sblaster]



# Try core=dynamic to improvement performance

# however, it doesn’t always work.

# so we are using simple core by default

core=simple cycle=10000   [midi] mididevice=coremidi   [gus]

# Uncomment to enable the Gravis Ultrasound emulation.


gusrate=44100 gusbase=240 gusirq=5 gusdma=3 ultradir=C:\ULTRASND   [speaker]



# we are using faster scale outside dosbox

scaler=none   [joystick] joysticktype=2axis   [gamepad.keybinding] button0=CTRL,CTRL button1=ALT,ALT button2=SPC,SPACE button3=ENTR,ENTER button4=ESC,ESC button5=F1,F1

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