QR Reader: Adding a Logo to a Code

QR Codes are present everywhere. And so are smartphone apps to read these codes. Some codes are fancier than others and come with an additional logo or an image.

Since the QR-Reader can not only scan and decode various codes, but is also able to create custom QR codes, the question came up if it is able to add a logo to. Here’s the answer:

Adding a logo to a QR-Code is very easy!

Here’s a guide that explains step be step how to create a QR Code with a logo.

  1. after starting the app, tap on create. I you haven’t created any code so far, the screen will look like this, otherwise you will be prompted with a list of previously created codes:
    Start screen QR empty
  2. Tap on create at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on the + sign in the upper left corner. You will be prompted with this menu:
    QR Code creation start
  4. We decided to create a code with our own URL for this tutorial. Tap on the entry that is named URL, then tap in the text box on top of the screen and enter the URL you would like to be shown in the code. The screen should look something like this:
    QR Code text box
  5. Tap on create in the upper right corner. You are prompted with a list of all previously created codes. The one you just created is most likely at the bottom of the list. You can add a logo to any code that is hown here! The screen will look like that:
    List with created QR Codes
  6. Tap on the arrow to the left of the code you just created (or any code you would like to add a logo to it). This pops a menu at the bottom of the screen:
    Pop Up Menu when editing a code
  7. Tap on Display Code in this menu. the code you just created is now shwon. You notice a folder icon in the upper right corner:
    Display Code with folder icon
  8. Tap on this folder icon. The menu that pops up now let’s you choose wether you want to pick an image from the photo library or or use the camera:
    Choose logo for the code from either the library or use the camera
  9. We used our company logo from the photo library to insert into the code. Your result will look different than the picture below. but we show it to you anyway:
    QR Code with logo

There are a few general things you should know about QR Codes with images in it.

  • Size matters. In a negative way. Any image or logo that you insert into a QR Code is making it harder for the Reader to recognize it. After all it is covering a part of the code. Theoretically you can cover one third of the complete area. In the best case. But, the more data you are packing into a QR Code the more of this data is covered. And even if the error correction is set to the maximum of 33%, it may not be enough to correct the error that you logo in fact is. A reader does not recognize a logo or an image, it is just recognizin something that it can’t read.
    This may be the explanation why some codes you see in commercials are not properly recognized.
  • QR Codes with images do not comply with any standard. Adding a logo to a QR code is nothing else than taking advantage of the error correction. To make sure that a QR Code can be read under almost any circumstances, do not add any logo. Though a small one doesn’t hurt to much, and it looks nice 🙂
  • We decided to keep the size of the logo as small as you see it for the reasons mentioned above. Also we decided to place it in the middle of the code. That way it should still be easily recognized by any reader, even if it is a crappy one.

If you are curious about this app, feel free to check it out on our hompage:
QR Reader on Pilcrow.ch

Or you can directly purchase it in the app store:
QR Reader in the App Store

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