Quick Start for SSD Health Check

Thank you for using SSD Health Check.

SSD Health Check is really easy to use. Just follow the steps below to get a brief overview.


Once SSD Health Check is started, a stethoscope will apear in the upper tight corner.

1 bearb SSD Topbar 2017-01-29 um 13.21.44

2 bearb SSD Top Bar Pfeil 2017-01-29 um 13.22.18

Click on this stethoscope and you will see the most important numbers for each drive:

3 SSD erster Klick 2017-01-29 um 13.22.39

On this computer a asingle SSD is installed, therefore there are two entries visible:

  1. Actual temperature
  2. Life expectancy

SSD Menu Gear Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 16.59.19

If you click on the gear in the upper right of this menu you will have the options as shown in the screenshot below:

SSD Menu eng

You will have the options as shown above: 1) About SSD Health Check, 2) Preferences, 3) Quit SDD Health Check

“About SSD Health Check” brings up the following screen, which gives some general information:

4 SSD Zahnrad about 2017-01-29 um 13.26.31

In “Preferences” you can change some basic settings like temperature unit (°C/°F) and the update rate for S.M.A.R.T.

5 SSD Zahnrad Einstellungen 2017-01-29 um 13.30.42

“Quit SSD Healtth Check” quits SSD Health Check.


SSD Menu Info Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 16.59.19

By clicking on the info sign you will see a list with all available raw data.

6 SSD Raw Data 2017-01-29 um 13.29.26

A green lamp means that there is nothing to worry, no lamp means that it is nothing you should care about. Any other color means that you should keep watching.

If any lamp shows another color than green (ornage, red) thisd should also be reflected in either a lowered life expectany or an increased temperature.

Since the SSD used for the screenshots, everything looks quite new and, of course, okay.


To purchase SDD Health Check, use the link below:

SSD Health Check in the Mac App Store


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