Say It – How To and Quick Start

Quick Start

This section explains how to read a document without all the fuss and hassle. More detailed explanations can be found at the bottom of the page.

Note: The steps are explained using a locally saved document, the original of the document was in the markdown file format, converted to a pdf.

a) Tap the folder with the document you want to read to open it.
Note: It is not necessary for this file to be saved locally on your device, you can alternatively enter a website or select a document from any accessible cloud.

Say It TTS Quick Start

b) Tap the document to open it

Say It TTS Quick Start

c) Once the document is visible, tap „Select Language“

Say It TTS Quick Start

d) Select your preferred language. The list can be scrolled up and down.

e) Tapping on “Speak” will make the app reading the content of the document aloud.

Say It TTS Quick Start



App Overview and How To

Main Screen

This is where you start. In order to read documents you need to import documents, maybe edit these documents or even create them from scrap.

  1. Tap here (top left) to access the Info Screen
  2. Your sources where you can access and manage files and documents. This menu bar acts like a rubber band, you can slide it to the left and right.
    Note: Even if the file manager from Say It can handle images, drawings and videos, only documents with written text (pdf, doc, ePub, markdown and others) can be read. Images of text and scanned text cannot be spelled.
  3. This sections shows files and documents that exist on your iPhone. This is where you will see downloaded documents, or documents you created with the integrated editor.
  4. Tap here to open the “Operations Menu


Say It TTS How To

Operations Menu

  1. Tapping on the top right button of the main screen (4) will open this menu. Here you can create documents and drawings. You can also create and edit folders and edit certain files.

Say It TTS How To

Info Screen

  1. Tapping on top left of the main screen (1) will open this info screen. Here you can leave feedback and suggestions, rate the app, browse other apps and tell your friends about Say It. If you plan to connect your device with Apple TV, you will find the necessary information here as well.


Say It TTS How To

Text Editor

Tapping „Create Document“ in the “Operations Menu” (5) will open this document editor.

  1. This is the writing area. If you create a new document or if you edit an existing document, this area is where the text is appearing. You can also insert images, links, headers, numbered lists and mark text with bold, italic, underline. Standard formatting for your text is available as well.
  2. Here are the options for your document. Like the top bar in the main screen, this is a rubber band that you can swipe sideways. Here you can mark and format text, insert images and links and create numbered lists amongst other options.
  3. Tapping Save on top right brings up the save screen with several options (Image XX).

Say It TTS How To

Save Screen (Text Editor)

When tapping the top right button in the text editor (9), you will be prompted with this screen.

  1. Enter the file name here.
  2. Choose the file format. The options here are HTML, TXT, RTF and MD.
  3. Tap “Save” on top right to save the file.

Say It TTS How To


Tapping on “Cloud” in the rubber band of the Main Screen (2) opens the cloud screen. From here you have access to various clouds to up- and download all kind of files.

  1. Tap the “Back” button on top left to get back to the main screen.
  2. Tap on the desired cloud to connect and move content back and forth.

Say It TTS How To

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