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While System Info is able to detect malware, viruses and other possibly unwanted applications there are a few things to pay attention to.

  1. Jailbreaking always opens a door for attackers. Jailbreaking always comes at the cost of reduced security.
  2. Purchase your apps from Apples App Store only. Apple is putting a lot of work to ensure that apps in the App Store are free of malware, and that they comply with Apples guidelines.
  3. Keep your iOS up-to-date. While updates introduce new features, security and privacy issues are also taken care off with new versions of iOS. For detailed information about all security updates visit Apples support page:

Important Note: System Info checks our online database for latest information about viruses, malware and other threats. Therefore the app won’t start when there is no connection established.

Besides generic device information about hardware, memory, cpu and disk space the 2 buttons listed below (in the overview screen) are the most important.

  1. Kernel
    Tap the arrow to check if your iOS is new enough to avoid major vulnerabilities. For further information about security updates visit Apples support page:
  2. Report
    Tap the arrow to check battery, disk and file system. When the check is finished the screen is either green, yellow or red.
    Scroll down to find an explanation for every possible result.


  • If your Report screen is all green your are on the safe side, System Info didn’t find anything suspicious or wrong with your device.

System Info Check OK Screen


  • A yellow screen means that your device has one ore more issues that you should pay attention to.
    • The battery of your device has suffered and is in a poor condition. Better check with the next Apple Store if it needs to be replaced (which is most likely the case)System Info Low Batt Screen
    • Your device is running out of disk space, which will cause performance issues. Delete apps you don’t use, clean your camera roll, store your documents on your computer or cloud. Don’t forget to backup photos and other files you delete from your device!

      System Info Low Disk Screen
  • A red screens means your device has one or more security and/or privacy issues and immediate action is recommended!
    • The screen below indicates that your system has malware running in the background. This can be a spy tool, a phishing attemps ot even a virus.System Info unsafe screen
      Proceed as follows to isolate the threat:

    • If you see this screen your device is compromised.System Info Changes Screen
      Unfortunately, at this point you encountered a serious problem. Best bet is to perform a factrory reset following the steps oulined on this page:

      • Once your device is reset, update it to the newest iOS, then start installing one app at a time. After installing an app, check your system again. You are fine as long as you see the green screen after the system check. If you see a red screen, uninstall the app that caused the red screen and don’t install it again. Instead, report this app to Apple following this link:

Keep in mind, that most security issues can be prevented by proper behavious. This means to only install apps from trusted sources (in this case this is Apples App Store), to not enter passwords and/or personal data unless you are sure the site can be trusted. Also never give away your passcode.


Get System Info in the App Store: System Info

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