Using App Store Redeem Codes on iPhone

One of the questions that pops up quite often is: “How do I purchase an app with a redeem code on my iPhone?”

Having a redeem code and not being able to use it instantly can be a frustrating experience, but like many other things on the iPhone it is actually quite simple if you know how to do it.

Let’s get started.

  1. First, open the App Store by tapping the App Store icon.
    Your screen should look like the picture below when the Store is opened. Of course, there are different apps shown. What matters is the top row and the bottom row (which you won’t need anyway to purchase and app with a Redeem Code).

    App Store Redeem Code Screen 1

  2. Next is to swipe up in order to scroll down, that’s where you will find the quick links section. The button are self explanatory.
    Make sure you entered the correct Apple ID, then tap on “Redeem”.

    App Store Redeem Code Screen 2

  3. After you tapped on “Redeem” you will be promted to enter your password. This is the password that is associated with your iTunes account. This is not the code you need to unlock your iPhone, nor is it the code to unlock the SIM-card!

    Tap enter after you entered the correct password.

    App Store Redeem Code Screen 3

  4. You are almost done! All that is left is to locate the code on your iTunes / App Store gift card and enter it exactly as it is written on the card, or use the iPhones camera. This is one of my favorite features, not having to enter the number manually but rather being able to use the camera!

    App Store Redeeem Code Screen 4

That’s it! The amount of your gift card is now transferred to your iTunes account and waiting to be spent for tons of amazing apps!

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